Shelf Talkers YouTube Series/ Endcap Display Downtown RSS feed for public list Shelf Talkers YouTube Series/ Endcap Display Downtown The darker the night, the brighter the stars : by Broks, Paul, The invention of nature : by Wulf, Andrea, The travel diaries of Albert Einstein : by Einstein, Albert, Buzz, sting, bite : by Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne, The book of eels : by Svensson, Patrik, Hallucinations / by Sacks, Oliver W. The alchemy of us : by Ramirez, Ainissa, Chasing new horizons : by Stern, Alan, A medieval home companion : The Moosewood Restaurant table : A taste of ancient Rome / by Gozzini Giacosa, Ilaria. Clodagh's Irish kitchen / by McKenna, Clodagh, Grandma's German cookbook / by Hamm, Birgit. Kansha : by Andoh, Elizabeth. Red hot kitchen : by Kuan, Diana, Masters of deception : by Seckel, Al. The Golden Age of Dutch art : by Kiers, Judikje. The story of painting / by Beckett, Wendy. Thomas Hart Benton / by Benton, Thomas Hart, Sargent : by Herdrich, Stephanie L, Gustav Klimt : by Di Stefano, Eva. The lady in gold : by O'Connor, Anne Marie. Mad enchantment : by King, Ross, Monet by himself : by Monet, Claude, Caravaggio / by Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da, So much longing in so little space : by Knausgård, Karl Ove, The life and works of Gustav Klimt / by Harris, Nathaniel. Judith Leyster : by Leyster, Judith, Jan Vermeer / by Wheelock, Arthur K., Vermeer's camera : by Steadman, Philip, Spying on the South : by Horwitz, Tony, The greater journey : by McCullough, David G. Sargent's women : by Lucey, Donna M., The woman who would be king / by Cooney, Kara. Things my son needs to know about the world / by Backman, Fredrik, Barnum : by Wilson, Robert, M : by Robb, Peter. Phantom lady : by Lane, Christina, I miss you when I blink : by Philpott, Mary Laura, A notable woman : by Pratt, Jean Lucey, JGV : by Vongerichten, Jean-Georges, The nature of life and death : by Wiltshire, Patricia E. J, Bob Dylan's greatest hits. by Dylan, Bob, Metal galaxy / The last in line Live from Dublin Stay sexy & don't get murdered by Kilgariff, Karen, Yes please by Poehler, Amy. A history of European art by Kloss, William. Dutch masters by Kloss, William. Five easy pieces Chicago : by Aswānī, ʻAlāʼ, Motherland Hotel / by At�lgan, Yusuf, Fire touched / by Briggs, Patricia, The girls : by Cline, Emma, Fever at dawn / by G�ardos, P�eter, The red address book / by Lundberg, Sofia, Wolf Hall : by Mantel, Hilary, The threads of the heart / by Martinez, Carole, The Patrick Melrose novels : by St. Aubyn, Edward, Brooklyn : by Tóibín, Colm, Dream of Ding Village / by Yan, Lianke, The lake / by Yoshimoto, Banana, The collected stories of Stefan Zweig / by Zweig, Stefan, Rat Queens / by Wiebe, Kurtis J., Kuroneko How to train your dragon Kamisama kiss / by Suzuki, Julietta, The greater journey : by McCullough, David G. Foundation / by Lackey, Mercedes. Death in Brittany : by Bannalec, Jean-Luc, Vengeance : by Black, Benjamin, Hell is empty / by Johnson, Craig, Hell is empty / by Johnson, Craig, The cold dish / by Johnson, Craig, When a Scot ties the knot / by Dare, Tessa, Written in red : by Bishop, Anne. Foundation / by Lackey, Mercedes. Dragonsong / by McCaffrey, Anne. The blue sword / by McKinley, Robin. These broken stars / by Kaufman, Amie. The Blue Sword / by McKinley, Robin.