National Translation Month/ Endcap Display Downtown RSS feed for public list National Translation Month/ Endcap Display Downtown The aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas / by Eco, Umberto. The mechanisms of perception. by Piaget, Jean, Respect : by Chavez Perez, Inti, On the heights of despair / by Cioran, E. M. The best gift is love : by Teresa, Luther : by Oberman, Heiko Augustinus. The sound of the one hand : by Hau Hōō. In Paris : by Damas, Jeanne, In praise of black women / by Schwarz-Bart, Simone. The diving bell and the butterfly / by Bauby, Jean-Dominique, No downlink : by Jensen, Claus, The truth about Chernobyl / by Medvedev, Grigoriĭ. Journey into the whirlwind. by Ginzburg, Evgenii͡a Semenovna. A dictionary of symbols, by Cirlot, Juan Eduardo. Soil animals. by Schaller, Friedrich. Insects : by Klausnitzer, Bernhard. Buzz, sting, bite : by Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne, The book of eels : by Svensson, Patrik, Mongoose watch : by Rasa, Anne, Four seasons of bonsai / by Murata, Kyūzō, The complete book of dog care : by Klever, Ulrich, Tropical fish : by Braemer, Helga, A medieval home companion : A taste of ancient Rome / by Gozzini Giacosa, Ilaria. Grandma's German cookbook / by Hamm, Birgit. Raphael / by Raphael, The art of the Byzantine Empire; by Grabar, André, Marcel Duchamp / by Moure, Gloria. Kandinsky / by Volboudt, Pierre. The inner harmony of the Japanese house / by Ueda, Atsushi, The contemporary craft of paper mache : by Meyer, Helga, Vintage crafts : by Lidström, Clara, Knotting & netting; by Melén, Lisa, Lace, the elegant web / by Montupet, Janine, The real world of the Impressionists : by Le Pichon, Yann. Suzanne Valadon / by Warnod, Jeanine. So much longing in so little space : by Knausgård, Karl Ove, Edvard Munch / by Bøe, Alf. The muse within : by Bjorkvold, Jon Roar. The man who counted : by Tahan, Malba, The book of fantasy / The selected Canterbury tales : by Chaucer, Geoffrey, The word exchange : Poetry and politics in the works of Rainer Maria Rilke / by Schwarz, Egon, Markings / by Hammarskjöld, Dag, The periodic table / by Levi, Primo. Art of birds / by Neruda, Pablo, Gilgamesh : For bread alone / by Shukrī, Muḥammad, Terre des hommes = Wind, sand, and stars. by Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de, Daily life in ancient Peru. by Disselhoff, Hans Dietrich. In the shadow of the Temple : by Ben-Dov, M. The mystery of the oracles : by Vandenberg, Philipp, Anne Frank : by Lindwer, Willy. Paris under the occupation / by Perrault, Gilles, Swansong 1945 : Blood of the Bastille, 1787-1789 : by Manceron, Claude. The Eiffel Tower : by Sagan, Françoise, The Borgias / by Cloulas, Ivan. Danube / by Magris, Claudio. The Romanians : by Georgescu, Vlad. The antelope's strategy : by Hatzfeld, Jean. Seven centuries of sea travel; by Bathe, Basil W. Medieval costume, armour and weapons (1350-1450) / by Wagner, Eduard, 2194 days of war / by Salmaggi, Cesare.