August Birthday Biographies/ Hexagon Display Downtown 1st RSS feed for public list August Birthday Biographies/ Hexagon Display Downtown 1st Being Martha : by Allen, Lloyd. Henry V / by Allmand, C. T. Florence Harding : by Anthony, Carl Sferrazza. Life is a gift : by Bennett, Tony, Just getting started / by Bennett, Tony, Benjamin Harrison / by Calhoun, Charles W. Coco Chanel : by Chaney, Lisa. Lovecraft; by De Camp, L. Sprague Melville : by Delbanco, Andrew, Meriwether Lewis : by Dillon, Richard H. Giant in the shadows : by Emerson, Jason, Napoleon : by Englund, Steven. Kirby : by Evanier, Mark. The man from Lake Wobegon / by Fedo, Michael. Ferraro : by Ferraro, Geraldine. Been there, done that / by Fisher, Eddie. The man who left too soon : by Forshaw, Barry. Born to win : by Gray, Frances Clayton, The kingfish and his realm : by Hair, William Ivy. Don't mind if I do / by Hamilton, George, First man : by Hansen, James R. I, Rhoda / by Harper, Valerie, My life outside the ring / by Hogan, Hulk, Remembering Whitney : by Houston, Cissy. God, guns, grits, and gravy / by Huckabee, Mike, The great agnostic : by Jacoby, Susan, Herbert Hoover : by Jeansonne, Glen, The king's trial : by Jordan, David P., Never say never : by Lake, Ricki. James Baldwin : by Leeming, David Adams, What so proudly we hail : by Leepson, Marc, Barack Obama : by Maraniss, David. Born standing up : by Martin, Steve, The life of Sir Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin. by Maurios, Andre, Teacher man : by McCourt, Frank. Her husband : by Middlebrook, Diane Wood. Molly Ivins : by Minutaglio, Bill. Samuel de Champlain, Father of New France. by Morison, Samuel Eliot, Meghan : by Morton, Andrew, Boogie Man : by Murray, Charles Shaar. In the line of fire : by Musharraf, Pervez. Alex Haley and the books that changed a nation / by Norrell, Robert J. Madonna : by O'Brien, Lucy. Herman Melville : by Parker, Hershel. The life and legacy of Annie Oakley / by Riley, Glenda, Doc Holliday : by Roberts, Gary L., Peter O'Toole : by Sellers, Robert, Robert Mitchum : by Server, Lee. The Queen Mother : by Shawcross, William. The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks / by Skloot, Rebecca, An uncommon man : by Smith, Richard Norton, Dearie : by Spitz, Bob. Untouchable : by Sullivan, Randall. Hitch : by Taylor, John Russell. Pops : by Teachout, Terry. Through my eyes / by Tebow, Tim, Born on a mountaintop : by Thompson, Bob, Ernie Pyle's war : by Tobin, James, LBJ : by Unger, Irwin. A passion for nature : by Worster, Donald, iWoz : by Wozniak, Steve, T.E. Lawrence : by Yardley, Michael,