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Wings of fire. the dragonet prophecy / 01 : by Sutherland, Tui,

Publication: 2012 . 304 pages : 22 cm. Date: 2012

#2 in my top 5 favorite books... One of the best books ever!!!! Added 04/05/2016 by Micah B.

Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian highway by Gran, Sara.

Publication: [Minneapolis, MN] : Highbridge Co., 2013 . 8 sound discs (9 hr.) : 4 3/4 in. Date: 2013

This is well written and very entertaining. You will want to read more from this author. Added 03/18/2016 by Christine Sanders W.

Island of shipwrecks / by McMann, Lisa,

Publication: 2015 . 452 pages ; 22 cm Date: 2015

Best series i have ever read i will never forget these books and will probably read it again for my children when im older i highly recommend this book i cant say everybody will like it but is in my opinion one of the greats Added 02/19/2016 by Jonathan T.

A book of bees : --and how to keep them / by Hubbell, Sue.

Publication: New York : Random House, 1988 . 193 p. : 25 cm. Date: 1988

This is one of the best written, narrative/biographical style books on bee keeping on the market. If you want to know the why and how of nuances in bee keeping, they can be found here. The author uses elegant prose and it is one of the few reference books that I enjoyed reading for the color and detail the author put into making bee keeping come to life for the reader. I wish more reference books had this much flare! FIVE STARS!!! Added 02/05/2016 by Katherine Ann H.

Seven wild sisters : a modern fairytale / by De Lint, Charles,

Publication: 2014 . 260 pages : 22 cm Date: 2014

Beautiful story about Sarah Jane and her sisters and all the mischief they get into in the mysterious old woman's orchard! This is an instant favorite and I will soon be purchasing to add to my shelf. Great story for YA and ages 12+ (some language) for the wild adventurous kids, the rebels, and the magical at heart. Added 12/30/2015 by Courtney Morgan C.

The very best of Charles De Lint / by De Lint, Charles.

Publication: Independent Pub Group, 2010 . 432 p. ; 28 Date: 2010

Very great introduction to Charles de Lint works if you are unfamiliar with his writing style! I was hooked on page one! I have found my new favorite author. If you love magic realism and low fantasy, do yourself a favor and check out his work! Added 12/30/2015 by Courtney Morgan C.

I am number four : the lost files : the legacies / by Lore, Pittacus.

Publication: New York : Harper, 2012 . 351 p. ; 21 cm. Date: 2012

This Book is a great thriller for all you James Dashner, and Marie Lu fans. Added 09/13/2015 by Dominic Joseph B.

Bruce Coville's Is your teacher an alien? / by Coville, Bruce.

Publication: 28

This is a fun little puzzle book with some challenging puzzles. This isn't actually written by Bruce Coville. It is more like a book which complements the series. It begins as a challenge from the three characters (Susan, Peter, and Duncan) that are featured in Bruce Coville's alien books. You have one week to decided if your teacher and even some of your classmates are possibly aliens. Each day of the week is mapped out with puzzles, codes, and mini mysteries that you need to decipher. I enjoyed figuring out the puzzles and believe that this book would be a fun extra credit activity to the Coville books if a teacher is reading the series in class. Added 09/01/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Water Street / by Giff, Patricia Reilly.

Publication: New York : Wendy Lamb Books, 2006 . 164 p. ; 22 cm. Date: 2006

Thomas Neary is Bird's new friend who just moved into the upstairs apartment with his father, an alcoholic, who spends most of his time at the local pub. Thomas doesn't even know his mother and wonders if he ever will. He spends most of his time with Bird's family and keeps a journal full of stories he has created about the people and the places that surround him. Thomas' steadfast devotion to Bird's family encourages Bird to keep striving for better things.

Even in their world of frustration there is that ray of hope and expectation as Bird and Thomas watch the progress of the looming towers of the Brooklyn Bridge and reflect on the possibilities of the future.

This book challenges the reader to explore the history of the time and the plight of being an immigrant in America. Giff allows the reader to step into the heart and soul of Bird and Thomas and discover what it means to be called a friend and a family.

Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Middle school is worse than meatloaf : a year told through stuff / by Holm, Jennifer L.

Publication: New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2007 . 1 v. (unpaged) : 22 cm. Date: 2007

While scouring the stacks in the children and youth section of the local library looking for books to read and review, I came across this book, "Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf" by Jennifer L. Holm. The style of the book fascinated me immediately but I was a bit hesitant to check it out. On the cover is a wonderful recommendation from Andrew Clements, author of the bestseller, Frindle. This helped me to decide.

What a treat! The pictures, by Elicia Castaldi, and the cartoon segments, by the author's brother, Matthew Holm, create the realism of a scrapbook journal! After reading the book, I pulled out old scrapbooks that I kept as a teenager and discovered that they are very much the same as Ginny's scrapbook. I felt like I was one of Ginny's girlfriends sharing her secrets. It's a fun book to read and is definitely a book that I will love sharing with my teenage nieces and maybe even sharing with my sister while sipping chocolate malteds, painting fingernails, and listening to "the Oldies." Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Chasing Vermeer / by Balliett, Blue,

Publication: New York : Scholastic Press, 2004 . 254 p. : 22 cm. Date: 2004

Just like the famous detectives Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, Calder and Petra must use their powers of intuition and problem-solving skills to help them decipher this mysterious puzzle. Each clue leads to more questions and only by reading to the very end of the story will the entire mystery be solved. “The game is afoot!”

I love Ms. Balliet’s powerful descriptions of people, places, and events in this story! She challenges the reader to dig deep and learn about the missing art treasure. Who is Vermeer? What is an art forgery? Ms. Balliet invites the reader to solve the secret codes and even suggests that Calder’s pentominoes have a certain quality of intuition. Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Zero to hero / by Winkler, Henry,

Publication: New York : Scholastic, 2012 . 170 p. ; 20 cm. Date: 2012

When Rod, the obnoxious school bully, zeros in on Billy as his next target at school, “The Hoove “ and Billy must work together and come up with a plan to get even.

I enjoyed reading Ghost Buddy. It’s a fast pass story with funny twists and turns and even an unexpected outcome. This is the first book in a great series for Winkler and Oliver so you can expect more adventures and complications that make life interesting for the friendship of Billy Broccoli and his buddy “The Hoove.”

Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

The wretched stone / by Van Allsburg, Chris.

Publication: Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1991 . [31] p. : 28 Date: 1991

This is definitely a book that could be the starting point for some interesting discussions between teachers, students, and even parents. I enjoyed the premise of a ship's log to record the events and could see many opportunities to encourage research into sailing, life aboard the old ships, and the history of sailor's tales of the sea. The primary theme for The Wretched Stone adds another dimension for discussion which is the danger of being so preoccupied with certain things (in this case the stone) that a person may miss more important events that may affect one's life. I especially appreciate the way the story is resolved. Mr. Allsburg has given us another beautifully illustrated and interesting tale!

Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Dead end in Norvelt by Gantos, Jack.

Publication: New York : Macmillan Young Listeners, 2011 . 6 sound discs (420 min.) : 4 3/4 in. Date: 2011

It’s a wonderful adventure and we are introduced to some pretty odd characters. Throughout the story we read snippets of history and learn some important truths thru Jack’s sometimes misguided attempts to do the right thing.

Although the ending seemed a bit contrived, I really enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it as a must read for everyone.

Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Peeled / by Bauer, Joan,

Publication: New York : Speak, 2009 . 248 p. ; 21 cm. Date: 2009

Joan Bauer’s delightful injections of “apple” imagery reinforce the tone of the story and her rich characters add depth and understanding to the theme. Baker Polton, a gruff retired newspaperman challenges the students to get the facts. “Biddle, are you hungry enough to get at the heart of the Ludlow story?” (91) Minska, the local restaurant owner and friend of Hildy, shares her experience as a child growing up in Poland during the Solidarity movement in Gdansk to encourage the students when no one will listen to them. The most valuable character to inspire Hildy is her father, a great newspaperman who died several years earlier. His words ring throughout the entire story, “You know how to peel an apple, Hildy? Once you start cutting, don’t stop until the peel comes off. It’s how you do anything…you’ve got to start and not stop until the job is done.” Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Al Capone does my shirts / by Choldenko, Gennifer.

Publication: New York : Puffin, 2004 . 228 p. ; 21 cm. Date: 2004

The first day on the island people begin telling Moose what’s expected of him. Warden Williams informs Moose that he must always follow the rules, or else. His parents expect Moose to be responsible and take care of Natalie even if it means giving up his ball games. Piper Williams, the warden’s daughter, tells Moose that he has to help her with a certain “school project” or she’ll tell her dad that he isn’t cooperating. Everyone bosses Moose around. Told in the first person narrative, Gennifer Choldenko writes a believable story about the struggles of a boy who is overwhelmed with pressures from other people and challenges to his self-esteem. She also shares a glimpse of the difficulties that families face when dealing with disabilities. Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Pieces and players / by Balliett, Blue,

Publication: 2015 . 306 pages : 22 cm Date: 2015

I found Pieces and Players to be a more challenging book than Ms. Balliett's earlier five books. It is interesting that she has decided to combine all five protagonists from the earlier books in an adventure that is more difficult than each has experienced. Adolescence and insecurities have invaded their world. Can the five teens work together and solve the mystery? Ms. Balliett has included puzzles for the reader to decipher once again using pentominoes, silly nursery rhymes, prime numbers and coded messages. Pieces and Players is a great book to read, but you may want to read one of the earlier books first. Added 08/14/2015 by Sue Ann L.

Cardboard / by TenNapel, Doug,

Publication: New York : Graphix/Scholastic, 2012 . 283 pages : 24 cm Date: 2012

A great graphic novel, simple enough for a child to read, entertaining for me as a father who likes fantasy, and with interesting artwork. Clean enough for those with higher moral inclinations, with a positive, feel-good ending. Added 04/06/2015 by Eric L. T.

It's Justin Time, Amber Brown / by Danziger, Paula,

Publication: New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2001 . 48 p. : 24 cm. Date: 2001

thanks for the book bye

Added 03/07/2015 by Samuel V U.

Red mist / by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.

Publication: Waterville, Me. : Thorndike Press, 2012 . 657 p. (large print) ; 22 cm. Date: 2012

As a long-time fan of the Scarpetta series, I was so bored and annoyed by this book, it was an effort to finish it. At the end, I felt that I should have quit much earlier.

The events and conversations are so drawn out that, for the first half of the book, you wonder what exactly the mystery is. The Washington Post described my reaction word for word: "Points are repeatedly repeated until the reader wants to exclaim, 'Get on with it!' "

This is a low point in Patricia Cornwell's career. Added 02/28/2015 by Marie E Y.

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